February 21, 2017

February 4, 2017

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Vince Camuto shoes...OMG

July 26, 2017

Can we please take a moment to appreciate Vince Camuto’s sandals? OMG. As Rachel Zoe says, “I die.” I went to the outlet mall in San Marcos, Texas last week. I’d been in San Antonio for a few days visiting my parents and my dear friend who was having a baby shower. After a long, hot day of window shopping the many stores at the outlet, my friend and I wandered over to the Premium Outlets, where we found stores like Armani, Gucci, and Prada. Time got away from us and we forgot it was Sunday so stores close early. With about 10 minutes left before closing time, I wandered into the glory that is the Vince Camuto store.


The place was like a candy shop. No, it was more like one of those fancy bakeries in Paris with the beautiful delicate sugary works of art; each one on display as if it’s one of a kind. Although I consider myself a minimalist, my version of minimalist doesn’t count shoes and clothes. My shoe collection is out of control. And for a shoe lover like me, the Vince Camuto store is dangerous.


I spotted some strappy heels that had a heel at the perfect height for dancing and walking in. It was basically your naked foot on a pedestal. The heel wasn’t too high and wasn’t too low. It was just right. As I got closer to the shoes I decided two things: (1) These shoes are MAJOR, and (2) I will eat ramen noodles for a month so I can wear these shoes for a night. I can’t tell you how many shoes I have that I’ve worn a grand total of one night. But that’s rock star life. In my dreams, I am a rock star. And so are you. But that’s another story for another day.


Anyway, I wanted the shoes in black but I tried them on in a tan color because the store was all out of my size in the black. I was afraid the dainty little strap wouldn’t feel good across my toes but surprisingly the shoes felt amazing. They blew my mind. The had a sexy, minimal design; basically a naked foot on full display with a strap across the toes. Too bad they didn’t have them in stock on my size in black. That must’ve been the work of the money saving gods. I felt them smiling down on me as I gently placed the shoe back on its pedestal. I would’ve surely blown my vacation petty cash on those shoes. I fell for them so hard that I snapped a picture of the box so that I could go home and order them in my size online. Long story short, I ended up deleting the photo to make room for other pictures. I must have the iPhone with the smallest storage amount possible. So I’m sharing pictures of other Vince Camuto shoes for you to feast your eyes on. Anyway, time to get back to reality. But only for a minute. Talk to you soon, snookums!







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