February 21, 2017

February 4, 2017

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Marry The Night

January 30, 2016

Going out tonight?? Here’s my routine:


1. Turn on some "get hype" music and pour a glass of wine or champagne. I’m going OUT! Time to get hype. 



2. Take a shower and do hair and makeup right away. (If you don't, you will be running super late like I usually am.) 


3. Decide on something to wear. This step can take hours if you let it, so that's why I recommended getting the shower and hair/makeup out of the way. I know what you're thinking: but I like to match my eye shadow to my outfit! You don't have to finish your makeup completely. Just get the basics done. I totally get it. I like to put on colored eyeliner. It’s my thing. I get it.


4. Eat something (I like meat and/or pasta to help soak up my drinks). Plus I’m greedy.


5. Fit essential purse stuff into a wristlet or cute cross-body bag. 


6. Bring a bottle of water to drink during the ride home. This will reduce your headache in the morning. Trust me.


So basically, I like to turn up some dance music, pour myself a drink, and eat a lil sumthin sumthin (just in case there's no food where we go. You do NOT want to be around me when I'm hungry.) Have fun!!





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